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Boys of Tommen 4: Redeeming 6

Nakladatel: -
Série:Kluci z Tommenu (4.díl z 5)
Jazyk: anglicky
Pořadí vydání:1.
Počet stran:928
Typ, vazba:Kniha, paperback
Formát, hmotnost:130 × 197 mm, 644 g
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Klubová cena: 247 Kč
Běžná cena: 329 Kč
Ušetříte: 82 Kč
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An epic and unforgettable love story continues in Redeeming 6, the fourth book in the international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon The Boys of Tommen series, from Chloe Walsh. The power and pain of first love has never been more deeply felt than in Chloe Walsh's extraordinary stories about the irresistible Boys of Tommen, which will give you the ultimate book hangover. The reader reaction to The Boys of Tommen says it all! 'This book wrecked me even further than I could've imagined, in all the best possible ways! Joey and Aoife have my heart. Chloe Walsh is one of the most gifted authors that I've ever come across' 'Will leave an indelible imprint on your heart without doubt . . . Most definitely Chloe Walsh's best work to date' 'Just WOW!!!! I can't seem to find the words to even try and explain why this book is so EPIC!' 'Nothing I say will do this book justice . . . There was laughter and tears, trauma and healing and every single word of it was perfection' ......................... I'm saving you, six.With his world unravelling around him, and pressure rising at home, Joey Lynch's life has never been in more turmoil. Desperate to prove himself worthy of the only person he's ever put his trust in, Joey fights to stay away from a world that threatens to destroy everything. But with the odds stacking against him by the day, can he keep his head above water?Unwilling to give up on the boy she loves, Aoife Molloy fights to save her best friend from the edge of self-destruction. Drowning in a world she doesn't understand, with only her heart to guide her, Aoife refuses to turn her back on Joey, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against them.Through heartbreak and horror, Aoife and Joey have had each other's backs, and this time is no different. Come what may.......................... Want more of Joey, Aoife and the rest of The Boys of Tommen? Read the rest of the series so far: Binding 13 Keeping 13 Saving 6 Redeeming 6


Název: Boys of Tommen 4: Redeeming 6

Autor: Chloe Walsh

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EAN: 9780349439303

Objednací kód: NA587312

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